EN ISO 11612:2015 – Extracts from the Third Edition Foreword

EN ISO 11612 is the European Norm for ‘ Protective clothing – Clothing to protect against heat and flame’ and was revised to this third edition during 2015.

Previously known as EN531 (which was originally superseded by EN ISO 11612 in 2009), it naturally took some time for garment and fabric producers to update product certification to this new standard.

As with all Norms, these amendments are ultimately in view of ensuring ongoing protection for end users.

Manufacturers committed to Safety

Any manufacturer undertaking the process of updating their products to the latest EN requirements show their continued commitment to safety in the market place and continuous product development.

Extracts from the Foreword

We’ve taken a few lines from the foreword of the latest revision to give some indication of some of the changes.

Please note however, that this list is not a complete representative of the actual document – you can obtain your copy from websites such as BSI or the ISO Store.

‘This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition (EN ISO 11612:2008), of which it constitutes a minor revision with the following changes:

— modify clause in design requirements regarding garment overlaps;

— modify clause on sampling requirements;

— modify clause for ageing due to washing (maximum number of cleaning procedures as indicated by the manufacturer);

— modify pre-treatment clause to include requirements for single-use garments;

— modify requirement for optional heat resistance testing at 260 °C;

— remove reference to melting from flame spread requirements;

— modify afterflame requirement for flame spread;

— modify afterglow requirement for flame spread;

— modify requirement that hardware is tested only after pre-treatment;

— include statement for flame spread testing in regard to interlining materials;

— modify test procedure for the flame testing of labels, badges, and retro-reflective materials;

— modify requirements for tear strength;

— specify test area for burst strength testing;

— include new table for summary of tests;

— modify clause for information to be supplied by the manufacturer;

Notified Bodies

You can obtain further information regarding CE marking of garments to this European Norm from Notified Bodies such as West Yorkshire Materials Testing Services, Satra and BTTG.

Argar Technology – Protective Knitted Fabrics

Argar Technology are a producer of Technical Knitted fabrics that constantly invests in quality assured production and ensures that it’s fabrics are certified to the latest EN Norms including EN ISO 11612:2015.

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Revere-IM – UK Agent for Argar Technology

Further details can also be obtained from the UK Agents by visiting the website at Revere-IM or by email at rick.clark@revere-im.com.