When Argar Technology first approached the idea to produce HV fabrics, the trump card was the idea to manufacture new Knitted Fabrics targeted to substitute the 100% Polyester ones regularly used to achieve the chromatic specification fixed by EN20471 rules.

Double Knitting Technology was innovatively applied by Argar Technology in the production of High Visibility HVis-Tes® Knitted Fabrics. http://www.argartechnology.com/capitoli/eng/high_visibility.html

In this new HVis-Tes® range of items, the external face of fabric is 100%Polyester, while the internal face is 100% pure Cotton.

This peculiar interlacement guarantees at the same time, the extraordinary features of durability and endurance of a Polyester fabric and the Comfort that only a Cotton fabric is able to provide.

They are designed to satisfy the needs of durability in hard wearing and washing conditions which are prohibitive for a garment in pure Cotton, without compromising the comfort of the garment itself, resulting in a top level performance when garments are washed and processed by Commercial Laundries.  Upon customer requests they are also available with antibacterial and UV-protection treatment (complying respectively EN20645:2005 + EN20743:2007 and AS/NZS 4399:1996 norms).

HV orange Piquet P723 HV-UV-FF has been recently certified according to Railway Group Standard GO/RT3279.

Far from restricting its HV fabric range to the mere High Visibility Protection, Argar Technology developed a full range of multifunctional High Visibility Knitted Fabrics, which add to the High Visibility standard one or more additional protection levels.

The range of HVis-Tes® ESD Knitted Fabrics offers the advantages of the High Visibility items with the Antistatic function given by Conductive Fibers. The features of HVis-Tes® ESD Knitted Fabrics fully comply with the specifications of EN20471, EN1149 and Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class II Certifications rules. http://www.argartechnology.com/capitoli/eng/high_visibility_antistatic.html

Noflam®-HV is the line of Flame Retardant + High Visibility Knitted Fabrics specifically targeted to protection against fire, enriched by High Visibility function in colour HV yellow. The features of Noflam®-HV Knitted Fabrics fully comply with the specifications of EN11612, EN20471 and Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class II Certifications rules. http://www.argartechnology.com/capitoli/eng/flame_retardant_hv.html

Tes-firESD®-HV is the new range of protective knitted fabrics, offering inherent flame retardant, antistatic and Arc Flash protection, in the HV colour yellow.

The Antistatic, Flame Retardant, Arc Flash protection and High Visibility features of Tes-firESD®-HV Knitted Fabrics fully comply with the specifications of EN1149, EN11612, EN61482, EN20471 and Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 Class II Certifications rules. http://www.argartechnology.com/capitoli/eng/flame_retardant_knitted_arc.html

ISO9001 and Oeko-Tex Certification can be found on our Directory Page at http://www.ppeconnect.com/directory/argar-technology/