The Original Embroidered Xtrabadge

Cutting edge Technology enables us to produce these embroidered badges using an intricate embroidery structure resulting in a high quality finished item. XTRABADGE embroidered badges have high levels of consistency and detail unlike Direct Embroidery where different fabrics, machines and machinists cause varying results in the finished effect.

Once applied to the garment, the finished embroidered badges will look no different to a Direct Embroidery. Just simpler, quicker and requires less expensive machinery to serve your customers.

The unique formula of the heat activated adhesive backings has been developed by industry professionals and is your assurance of a badge that will withstand repeated washings. In additional, if you wish to have extra assurance, a single stitchline around each logo is simple to apply.

Read more about the Xtrabadge Original’s features on the link below.


From a sketch to embroidered sample, Xtrabadge delivers brands in embroidery as they’re supposed to be.

Rico, RICO Rally | Car Rally Europe